'Al Esch' by CUEVA (2019)

My project '1000 Machines - a Kind of Selfie' was shown during the ephemeral exhibition of contemporary art 'Aal Esch' in Esch-sur-Alzette in Luxembourg in early spring 2019: 
"Trust your feelings: Machines will never make a flower, robots will never act like humans."


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'Leit an der Stad' (2017-2019)

A selection of phoneographs I took from 2012-2014 was shown at the Exhibition 'Leit an der Stad', that took place from october 6 2017 until march 31 2019 at the 'Luxembourg City Museum'.


The exhibition showcased approximately 200 photographs featuring snapshots from everyday life in the public area in Luxembourg City, from the 1950s until 2017.


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'De Luxemburgers komen' (2017)

'De Luxemburgers komen'. This was the title of an exhibtion in may and june 2017 at the Galerie bij den Boeken in Ulft (NL). I showed some street life impressions from Luxembourg-City, realized in the years 2011-2017 with the Hipstamatic app for iPhones. 
Other participating artists were Carine Kraus, Jean-Claude Berens, Luc Ewen, Nathalie Noé Adam and Marie-Pierre Speltz.

'Uecht' by CUEVA (2017)

In may 2017 an ancient Volkswagen-garage in Esch/Alzette (LUX) was transformed into an ephemeral museum of contemporary art by 93 artists from different countries. My installation was titled 'Of Beetles and Bugs' …


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'François Besch: Hipstamatics' (2017)

I felt very honoured being awarded the "8. Monika von Boch-Preis für Fotografie 2017". This award is conferred to fine-art photographers every two years since 2003 in memory of the photographer Monika von Boch (1915-1993). The ceremony took place at the Museum Schloss Fellenberg in Merzig/Saar (Germany) on march 19th 2017. 

An exhibition showing a selection of my hipstamatic prints out of 5 series from 2010-2017 opened at the same time. The exhibition lasted until april 23rd. For more informations please visit the museum's website. 

(Photograph: Yann Ney)
(Photograph: Yann Ney)

'Multilingual Teens' (2013)

In 2013 took place the first phoneographical exhibition in public space in Luxembourg. On behalf of Berlitz Language and Business Training I did realize an outdoor photo exhibition on Place Guillaume II from mid July to end September 2013 with portraits of multilingual teens living in Luxembourg.


The Grand Duchy is probably one of the most multilingual countries in the world. Most of the children and teenagers use three to four languages on a daily basis. The exhibition aimed at highlighting Luxembourg’s multilingualism and diversity to visitors.

'Von Glückspilzen und anderen Lichtwelten' (2013)

In 2013 the first hipstamatics-exhibtion in Luxembourg-City took place. At the Galerie Clairefontaine (www.galerie-clairefontaine.lu) I showed two series of phoneographs: mushroom portraits and landscapes.

The luxembourgish Postal Office bought five pictures of mine to issue the very first issue of postal stamps worldwide realized by smartphone.

(Source: https://www.postphilately.lu/de/actualites/-/asset_publisher/9vai9FRgvaQ7/blog/comm1)
(Source: https://www.postphilately.lu/de/actualites/-/asset_publisher/9vai9FRgvaQ7/blog/comm1)

'Poetic Renaissance' (2012-2013)

'Poetic Renaissance' was a group show at the Galerie Clairefontaine (www.galerie-clairefontaine.lu) that took place in december 2012/january 2013.

My phoneographic pictures were shown together - what an honour - with works of Horst P. Horst, Man Ray, A.R Penck, Anselm Kiefer, Karine Szekessy, Stylianos Schicho, Jörg Immendorff, Markus Lüpertz, Patricia Desmarquest and Arno Rafael Minkkinen.

'Six Lives in Photography' (2015)

During the 'Photomoeetings 2015' a show entitled 'Six Lives in Photography' took place at the 'Konschthaus Beim Engel' in Luxembourg-City where I presented a selection of landscapes in color as well as a part of his black & white portrait series.

"François Besch quant à lui nous offre des exemples époustouflants d'esthétisme pur de sa photographie paysagère. Les promenades de l’artiste dans la campagne du Sud du Pays sont autant de prétextes à dégainer son smartphone et l’application «Hipstamatic» afin de saisir une réalité pittoresque de la nature qu'il mute en véritable poésie visuelle emplie d'émotions propres. Sa série de portraits en noir et blanc de personnalités artistiques luxembourgeoises et étrangères – Brandy, Clergue, Schlechter, Camarda, la muse Koska entre autres - est nimbée de forts contrastes et d'une volonté de capter la psychologie de chacun de ses modèles tout en dévoilant la fascination et l'empathie qu'il éprouve pour eux."

                       (Nathalie Becker, Wort, 29.09.15)


'down here |          up there' (2011)

For the Galerie Terres Rouges located at the ancient slaughterhouse of Esch/Alzette, the 'Kulturfabrik' (www.kulturfabrik.lu) François Besch realized in november/december 2011 the very first show in Europe in which all the pictures shown were shot with an iPhone and the Hipstamatic application. 



'François Besch: Photographies' (1990)

Participating in national and international art exhibitions since 1977 I had my very first solo show as art photographer in april/may 1990 at the 'Theaterstiffchen', a lovely former art gallery in the theater of his birthtown Esch-sur-Alzette (Luxembourg).