'After the Rain' - Please click on the  picture for more Landscapes
'After the Rain' - Please click on the picture for more Landscapes

Hipstamatical Faces

In his phoneographical portrait series, François Besch uses an iPhone and the Hipstamatic application. 
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The Lonely Machines

The 'Lonely Machines Series' was started in 2014. 

Rich of contrasts, these pictures show parts of discarded engines of all types and ages.

Street Phoneography

Since 2010, using his smartphone, the artist is steadily looking for that 'special moment' ...
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Fire Places | Fire Faces

This series dates from november 2016. Using the double exposure effect of the Salvador Lens of the Hiptstamatic Application for iPhones, François Besch has captured some kind of mysterious creatures by taking pictures of the open fire in a chimney. Click on the picture for more!

Still Lifes And More

Many more categories could be added to the phoneographical work of François Besch. In this section you find a selection of different pictures, such as still lifes, experimental phoneographs, abstraction and other.

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