f*ucking 2020

f******* 2020 - april | mixed on canvas, 60 x 60 cm #cueva #batiment4
f******* 2020 - april | mixed on canvas, 60 x 60 cm #cueva #batiment4

My contribution to  'Bâtiment 4' by 'Cueva' *, an impressive group show in november 2020 in Esch-sur-Alzette (Luxembourg), consists of a series of seven paintings (mixed on canvas, each 60 x 60 cm) . The works, entitled 'f*ucking 2020-april' to 'f*ucking 2020-october' are shown together with a selection of 12 smaller ones (mixed on paper, 20 x 20/32 x 32 cm) in the lower floor of an old industrial building, the 'Bâtiment 4'. That huge edifice is taken by more than a hundred artists for a lapse of time ...

For me, the series 'f*ucking 2020' represents a kind of very personal artistic approach in order to process the terrifying situation of the world, epecially in the last seven months: a.o. the covid-19-pandemic and her multiple consequences in all areas, the political situation in the USA and other parts of the globe, the climate change, the burning rain-forest, (...)


The 12 smaller works on paper stand for a counterpart of that apocalyptic nightmare. They want to be little signs of light & hope, but anyone is free to see what he/she wants in them.

* Click here to learn more about 'Bâtiment 4' by 'Cueva'