'1000 Machines | a Kind of Selfie'

My project '1000 Machines - a Kind of Selfie' is shown during the ephemeral exhibition of contemporary art 'Aal Esch' in Esch-sur-Alzette in Luxembourg. 
'1000 Machines will never make 1 Flower' could be read on an anonymous graffiti  I noticed in 2012 at the CarréRotondes in Luxembourg-City.

Some months later I shot a series of phoneographs of disassembled printing machines (series: 'lonely machines') at Editpress in Esch-sur-Alzette:
The idea to the installation was born that day! However it took some years bevor I had the opportunity to realize it. And it took on a kind of intimate dimension ...

Life is like an elevator: Sometimes it goes up and sometimes down. But in life, you have to make choices too: is the way leading to the left the right one? Or the one taking you to the right? Which one do you choose to find your final, personal liberty? My elevator goes up & down, left & right, forward & backward ...


Trust in your feelings: Machines will never make a flower, robots will never act like humans.

What will stay when we have gone? So many questions remain ...


Thank you 'Cueva' for giving me the opportunity to play again!

Interested in purchasing a photograph or another object of this Installation? Any other inquiries? Feel free to contact me! Thank you for your interest.

'Of beetles & bugs'Uecht': Cueva 2017

Did you see 'Of Beetles & Bugs', my work for the Cueva event 'Uecht' in 2017?
If not, you may discover it here!

'AAL ESCH' by CUEVA: Location

From April 26 - May 12 2019, every weekend from friday - sunday!