"Monika von Boch-Preis für Fotografie"

'François Besch, Hipstamatics':  21.03.17-23.04.17 @ Museum Schloss Fellenberg
'François Besch, Hipstamatics': 21.03.17-23.04.17 @ Museum Schloss Fellenberg
(Photograph: Yann Ney)
(Photograph: Yann Ney)

François Besch was awarded the "8. Monika von Boch-Preis für Fotografie 2017". The award is conferred to fine-art photographers every two years since 2003 in memory of the photographer Monika von Boch (1915-1993). The ceremony took place at the Museum Schloss Fellenberg in Merzig/Saar (Germany) on march 19th 2017. 

An exhibition showing the artists hipstamatic prints from 2010-2017 opened at the same time. The exhibition will last until april 23rd.

For more informations please visit the museum's website. 

Upcoming Events

Group Show: "Uecht" (LUX)

François Besch will participate in the exhibition "Uecht" in may 2017. The group show takes place in an old industrial building in Esch/Alzette.

Click here to find out more!

Galerie bij den Boeken (NL)

The artist will show some works from the street phoneography series at the Galerie Bij de Boeken from may 15th till june 23rd. The group show is entitled "De Luxemburgers komen". Click here for more informations.

"Hunten-kunst 2017"(NL)

From may 19th till may 21th the 25th edition of the  art fair "Huntenkunst" is organized in Ulft (NL).

François Besch will show works out of different series.